StreetDome Skate Park is a Danish Mecca

Danish skateboarders and BMXers rejoice! CEBRA and Glifberg+Lykke have finished Denmark’s newest trick spot, an igloo structure located in Haderslev, Denmark aptly named StreetDome. This new park targeted for all street sports is designed to cater to any level, from newbies to pros like BSD BMXer Kriss Kyle, who shows off his talent riding through the sick new sea of concrete in the video to the left.

So what makes this new park so alluring aside from smooth and curvy body? The park isn’t only equipped with ramps, rails, ditches, and pools, but the structure is created to have a seamless transition from the outside to the inside. It gets better: inside not only does the slick fluidity carry on, but it also comes equipped with stairs, basketball courts, and a 131ft climbing wall that curves up the dome walls onto the center point of the roof. "StreetDome forms one continuous and varied spatial course, which gives Scandinavia a modern street sport arena with unique features and possibilities," said CEBRA. "The project started out almost ten years ago as an initiative by local activist and chairman of the SkateCity association Morten Hansen, whose vision was to create a new cultural hub that incorporates a vast area for activity and recreation."

This park is paradise; not only is it equipped with everything but the innerness of the space makes sure that skating can be a year round thing, not just reserved for the hotter months when you don’t have to worry about breaking your shit on icy streets. Ehem, Mayor De Blasio take a hint…we’re looking at you for one of our own.

Photos by Mikkel Frost for CEBRA

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