Controversial 'Tree' Sculpture Destroyed

A public art installation in Paris that received its fair share of criticism and internet infamy due to its resemblance to a highly specific sex toy (hint: it starts with ‘butt’ and ends with ‘plug’) was violently destroyed in an act of protest. The perpetrator was either not a fan of inflatable sculpture or not a fan of experimentation in the bedroom.

The work in question was made by experimental American artist Paul McCarthy to promote the Festival of International Contemporary Art, held at Paris’ ornate exhibition hall Grand Palais through October 26th. McCarthy’s sculpture immediately raised some questions upon its debut regarding its subject matter; McCarthy insists that it is a tree, but the keen public eye could not see anything other than a large rectal pleasure device staining the reputation of one of Paris’ most illustrious art complexes.

Police have no leads as to who could have popped the sculpture, but McCarthy says that regardless of whether or not they find the suspect, he will not be reinstalling the piece. Apparently the public outcry and negative exposure it received just is not worth the effort of re-inflation for the poor suggestive tree. We thought Europe was more sexually forward compared to other parts of the world, but this goes to show that inevitably, size does matter.

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