FKA Twigs Dances With Google Glass

Remember that scene in The Matrix in which Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Neo (Keanu Reeves) go into the stockroom to get a supply of guns? The new collaborative video between FKA Twigs and Google Glass is kind of like that, except that instead of shopping for ammo Twigs is shopping for dancers and dances, including vogueing, crumping, and gymnastics, before turning into an anime version of herself.

The video, which is directed and starred by Twigs herself, showcases the surreal world that is Google Glass, but mainly wows because of two reasons: the fact that the singer might be the only one not to look ridiculous with the oft-mocked apparel, and the fact that the girl can daaaaance. I mean, following her viral vogue-ing video which shut down all her racist haters it came as no surprise, but it’s still amazing to see people who can do with their bodies what most of us can’t, and Twigs is definitely high on that list.

Set to revamped versions of her songs ‘Video Girl’ and ‘Glass & Patron,’ Twigs enlists a handful of other Twigsy looking dancers, decked out in septum piercings and braid buns. We really could go on and on about how incredible this video is, so before we bore you to death with our fandom take a look for yourself. FKA Twigs is queen!

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