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Moshing In the Jam Room with Turbogeist

When you combine the JamRoom with rock royalty there’s one thing that’s for certain: it’s gonna be a wild ride. Last night Jimmy Jagger’s band Turbogeist took to the stage following an opening performance by Public Access TV. The night was crazy; not only was the music great enough to incite a mosh pit breaking out in the front of the stage but the filled-to-the-brim crowd was on another level: Theodora and Alexandra Richards were there as was big sis Lizzy Jagger, Camille Rowe, Chelsea Leyland, and Natural Koncept’s JZ RadicaL, amongst others.

The night was hosted by Jamie Burke and was a proper punk riot: good music, good drinks, good people, and an endless night of thrashing about to the latest in music’s scene. Some things never die, and rock and roll living is definitely one of them.

Photography by Drew Levin

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