Milk Gallery Presents Billy Name: The Silver Age

The curtain of mystery that surrounds Andy Warhol‘s Factory is being pulled back with Milk Gallery’s highly anticipated new exhibition Billy Name: The Silver Age, giving us all an unprecedented glimpse into the seductively glittering world courtesy of Billy Name and his photographs.

Name was responsible for installing the infamous ‘silverizing’ of Warhol’s Factory, wherein the artist’s studio was completely coated in aluminum foil and silver spray paint. Name consequently lived in the Factory for the majority of the 60’s, which gave him free reign of capturing every aspect of the pop art commune on film. This collection of never before seen photographs is being published in a book, also titled Billy Name: The Silver Age, made in tandem with the upcoming gallery show.

So what could patrons expect to see from these photographs? A sneak peek is provided courtesy of John Cale, founding member of Factory darlings and alternative revolutionaries The Velvet Underground. In a music video released this morning titled ‘If You Were Still Around,’ Cale salutes his Underground bandmates and friends while using a variety of Name’s iconic images of the familiar Factory faces. The floating visages of Warhol, Lou Reed, Nico, and Edie Sedgwick are all thanks to Names’ intimate shots, all of which and more can be seen at the monumental gallery show.

In addition to Billy’s portraiture, the gallery will also be projecting some of Warhol’s screen tests and other works from his body of film projects. Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with Billy Name about this project and some of his experiences working in the profoundly influential art space.

Billy Name: The Silver Age will open at Milk Gallery on November 12th and run through December 7th

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