Aphex Swift is Everything You've Ever Needed

Have you ever been listening to the chirping wiz and pops and general complexities of electronic wizard Aphex Twin’s music and thought, ‘Damn, this could really use a little more Taylor Swift?’ If so, you might get along well with David Rees, a cartoonist who has recently added ‘mashup artist’ to his resume with his opus Aphex Swift, an album length mashup of, you guessed it, Aphex Twin and Taylor Swift.

Rees is a man of many talents, he also hosts a show on the National Geographic Channel, but this project is a true labor of love. In addition to the 8 tracks he posted on Soundcloud, Rees detailed his reasons for creating this experiment in a post on his Tumblr. We encourage you to peruse for yourself, but Rees boils his thesis down to two points: the first that ‘Aphex Twin is as Big a Romantic Cornball as Taylor Swift’, the second that ‘Taylor Swift is Just as Scary as Aphex Twin.’

We are inclined to agree with both points of Rees’ thesis, but the best piece of evidence supporting this project is the music itself. Hearing Aphex’s calming, looped piano riffs of ‘Avril 14th’ placed under Taylor’s alluring charm in ‘You Belong With Me’ makes for a surprisingly nostalgic head trip aptly titled You Belong With Avril, while Taylor’s ’22’ gets turned into an ultra-synthy slow jam of the decade repackaged as ‘Twengerbibbytwo’. It’s an album that we never knew we needed so bad, and we can only dream of future artists that Rees could take to the operating table. Until then, we’ll be jamming to ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Girl/Boygether.’

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