CMJ - 5 Bands Who Killed It

New York’s annual CMJ music marathon ended on Sunday and it was an insanely hectic week for all involved. Over 1000 bands descended on the city to showcase their worth to industry reps eager on snapping up the next big thing. Many an eardrum and brain cell were damanged and a lot of great discoveries were made throughout the week as bands played at a host of venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn. Various artists put on captivating displays for CMJ but here are five that teared it up.


Splashh established themselves in London during 2012 as a refreshing garage outfit with a string of tunes fit for any best of summer collection. After a brief hiatus and relocation to New York they have reinvented themselves over the last year with a new lineup and more electronic vibe while still retaining their original charm. With a sound reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem, Splashh’s set contains mainly new songs which got crowds moving big time over the week. They’re back better than ever and we cant wait for an album to drop with all the hit songs they played.

Sunflower Bean

Brooklyn rock ‘n roll trio Sunflower Bean have made waves in the city’s local scene this year and further fueled their popularity with some stellar performances over CMJ. Nick Kivlen (vox/guitar), Jacob Faber (drums) and part time runway model Julia Cumming (bass/vox) are an incredibly tight unit with eye catching stage appeal that produce a gigantic sound for a three-piece. Widely talked about, Sunflower Bean will no doubt attract much more attention once their debut EP drops in the coming month.


Heralding from Sydney, DMA’s were possibly the Australian band with the biggest buzz coming into this year’s CMJ. Countless Oasis and Manchester era comparisons have been drawn but the six-piece rockers have a collection of endearing tracks that could translate to any genre. Their adidas chav swagger might draw a lot of attention but the quality of song writing definitely does the talking. DMA’s did their buzz no harm by playing to some seriously packed out shows throughout the week.

Fat White Family

Recently interviewed for Milk Made, British post punk outfit Fat White Family continued their assault on American shores during CMJ following a headline show at Bowery Ballroom the week prior. The band’s raucous sound matches their attitude and it’s ultimately a seducing and sweaty combination for audiences every time they play. They played a slammed NME night at Glasslands in Brooklyn during which frontman Lias Saoudi ‘lost’ his undies after two songs. Needless to say the crowd wasn’t turned off.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard

Australian bands are always a big drawcard during CMJ and this year was no exception. The award for the band with the best name and biggest sound was no doubt Melbourne seven-piece King Gizzard who have been chipping away at the Brooklyn scene with a run of residencies during the past months. Their set might only consist of about four songs but it couldn’t matter less as they reel audiences into a psychedelic trance with overdrawn relentless grooves. The fact there are seven members on stage, including two drummers, means that for some earplugs might be required. Look out for them supporting Mac DeMarco at Terminal 5 in November.

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