Alex Chinneck’s Actual House of Wax

British artist and designer Alex Chinneck, known for architectural creations like the levitating building in Covent Garden, sliding house, and upside-down house, has now brought us another house—one made of two stories of wax that will gradually melt to the ground (and melt our minds in the meantime).

‘A pound of flesh for 50p’ was created for London’s Bankside Merge Festival (an annual festival that brings together artists and performers). The “brick” building happens to be located on the site of an old candle factory—clever, huh? Its 8,000 paraffin wax bricks, cast with sand so they look more like the bricks we’re used to seeing. The house also has wax windows which slowly melting away as the 30-day project progresses. Chinneck and his team are taking handheld torches to the structure in order to melt it faster and create a very stunning effect.

The wax creation will be in place until November 18, but if you’re already in London, we suggest you check it out before then, because all that will be left is the roof on top of a pile of melted wax.

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