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1/12 — Get your Twin Peaks knits on this Halloween



Halloween 2014: The Good, The Bad, & The Horrifying

Halloween costumes give us all the chance to not only express our creative prowess but more importantly to demonstrate how pop culture savvy we are for the highlights of each year. 2014 was an incredibly varied year, which means the bar for a good costume has been raised significantly higher. We have anticipated what we think will be the most popular Halloween costumes of the year, though some might not be as orthodox or politically correct or even as sane as we would like. To get us all in the Halloween spirit (and give some more ideas for those still in need) here is our list of the good, the bad, and the horrifying costumes to expect this Halloween.


Twin Peaks: The surprise return of the beloved cult classic has sparked a cultural revival in all things David Lynch, but the citizens of Twin Peaks will most assuredly appear at any Halloween party you attend. All you really need is a pleated skirt and a vintage sweater, but kudos to anyone who attempts a Log Lady.

Grand Budapest Hotel: Wes Anderson’s latest gem was a parade of memorable characters and costumes, all of which clad in bright pastel hues of pink and purple, and all of which could be easily but effectively duplicated. Finding a lobby boy hat could be tricky, but break out the purple clothes, pencil on a mustache, and you’ve got yourself enough quirk to last a weekend.

Sexy Pope Francis: He’s the pope with the most, and 2014 was the year that he seriously proved his merit as the dopest pope ever. Some may be offended if you try and sexify a Catholic getup, but after decades of sexy nuns, it’s about time someone undertakes a sultry pontiff. Bonus points if you can quote scripture.

Any 17 of Beyonce’s Music Videos: 2014 was above all else, the year that Queen Bey ascended the throne and officially began her reign. We’re expecting to see the full spread of Bey’s looks from her visual album, from the sheer lingerie of ‘Drunk in Love’ to the beauty pageant chic of ‘Pretty Hurts’, any selection would be flawless.


The Fault in Our Stars: Yes everybody loves tales of romance between young adults for some mystifying reason, but many should think twice before costuming as a cancer patient with oxygen tube accessorizing. If you have your set on cosplaying a John Green role, we’ll politely suggest heading back to the drawing board.

Clueless Outfits: Clueless will always be a timeless treasure, but after being plundered for Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’ music video, we’re not sure we can take seeing any more yellow plaid. There are a plethora of retro high school movies to choose instead, Heathers anyone?, but for those set on an Iggy/Cher sendup, be prepared to have a lot of twins at the party.

Philip Seymour Hoffman/Robin Williams: Recently deceased celebrities have always inexplicably been a Halloween go-to, but some of Hollywood’s deaths this year hit a little too close to home and were a little too unexpected. Capote or Mrs. Doubtfire costumes could feasibly work, but it’s a risky undertaking, one we would best recommend to stay away from.

Pharrell Hat: It’s hard to believe that the infamous Pharrell hat has only been around for less than a year, but it has become the definition of ubiquitous. While it might be nice to own your very own Pharrell sized hat three times too big for your skull, please don’t share it with the rest of the world this Halloween. We’ve seen enough of it.


Ebola: Costume marketers were thinking quick on their feet when they began to market ‘Sexy Ebola Nurses’ for this Halloween season. For those that don’t know, Ebola entails ejecting blood out of all your body’s orifices, so if that isn’t sexy then we don’t know what is. Do humanity a favor and skip this one.

ISIS: So it might be easy to costume yourself as a militant terrorist, but that absolutely does not mean that you should. Aside from the obvious reasons of discomforting any party you go to, we feel certain that you might end up on some government watch list. If you really need a costume that incorporates lots of excess fabric like this one, why don’t you try Stevie Nicks?

Malaysian Flight Passengers: It seems to be a trend this Halloween to dress as zombified passengers of the lost Malaysian Airlines flight, but it seems a bit too soon to pull that one out of your wardrobe. We suggest sticking with lost passengers from journeys a little less recent, like the Titanic or the Hindenburg.

Ice Bucket Challenge: If 2014 could be signified by one trend, it would hands down be the year of the godforsaken Ice Bucket Challenge. The Internet sensation that had everyone and their grandmother dumping ice water on their heads promoted a good cause, but now that it has finally vanished from spheres of social media, we beg you to please, PLEASE, don’t let it come back. Pick anything else for your costume, you wouldn’t want to dump water on your head all night anyway.

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