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1/20 — JFK Jr. with wife Carolyn in immaculate formal attire



The Most Stylish Couples of All Time

The recent break up of A$AP Rocky with his glamorous ex-girlfriend Chanel Iman is saddening to say the least, but it got us to thinking. Throughout the long and tumultuous history of celebrity romances some couples have shone above others to solidify themselves as iconic style mavens that make everyone else look a little less shiny. Some of these couples, like A$AP and Chanel, have run their course while others have endured, but regardless of how long they were or have been together they left their print on the fashion world forever, becoming muses for designers and people alike. Here we pick the top ten who have #blessed us with their incredibly stylish romances.

10: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr.

With parents like JFK and Jackie O it’s no shock that the surviving son of the closest thing the United States will have to political royalty makes it on this list. Not only was JFK Jr one of the most handsomest men alive, but his wife was a name all on her own, defining the casual cool elegance of the 90s. Carolyn was the publicist for Calvin Klein and it’s no question why. The smart and stylish couple sadly passed away in a tragic plane crash, but their legacy will always prevail.

9: Victoria and David Beckham

Seventeen years ago the British soccer star and Posh Spice started dating, and since then they’ve given us every range imaginable in the fashion spectrum. We admit, some of their earliest looks were enough to raise many an eye from the sartorially inclined ([matching leather looks, anyone?]( http://assets3.heart.co.uk/2012/12/victoria–david-beckham-fashion1-1332325616-view-1.jpg)), but through their course as one power force of a couple there’s no denying that Posh and Becks have established themselves as a cultural staple and a beacon of hope.

8: Alexa Chung and Alex Turner

When you mix a beautiful it-girl with one of the darlings of indie-rock it’s a fool-proof recipe for cool. Case in point: Alexa and Alex, who made many a heart flutter with their perfect union. I mean they weren’t just beautiful and stylish, but they were both also talented and funny. They made concert festivals look like photoshoot sets and treated the sidewalk like a runway. It seems like they were too good to be true, but even if they’re not together anymore we’re still gonna try to be as effortlessly flawless as these two.

7: Catherine Deneuve and Marcello Mastroianni

He was Italy’s bombshell actor, she was one of the faces of French new wave cinema. Together, Deneuve and Mastroianni were not only cinema royalty but also one of the most beautiful couples to ever exist. With an air of je ne sais quois to them both, the couple were almost too good looking, too stylish, and too talented to be real. Surrounded by an endless cloud of cigarettes, the actors mixed the best of Europe to create a striking dynamo as well as a beautiful daughter.

6: Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West

Love them or hate them you can’t deny that the phenomenon known as Kimye is the one of the most stylish couples of today. Just Googling ‘Kimye style’ renders hundreds of results of pages dedicated to “America’s First Family,” and who can blame them? The couple are seen arm in arm with every force in fashion, are staples at the front row for any significant fashion show, and never have a hair or thread out of place. You can’t deny it, we live in the era of Kimye. Bonus accessory: baby North.

5: Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp

It seems there are two type of people: team Kate and team Winona, but when it comes to Johnny Depp only one of these ladies lives forever as ink on the actor’s skin. Who can forget ‘Winona Forever’? These two were the epitome of the 90s couple, always smoking cigarettes, always looking perfectly disheveled, donning leather jackets and jeans that put today’s trends to shame. We don’t even know whose hair or face structure gave us more envy, and you’ll still encounter hopefuls to this day that pray for the return of this couple (we’re one of them).

4: Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

It is impossible to create a style list without including the queen of style herself. Kate is not only an icon of the modeling world but she has become one of the most stylish women to ever live. She is the woman who makes trends, not follows them, and even jeans and a t-shirt look better on her than on anyone else. So it’s no surprise that Kate’s mates have also been some of the best dressed males alive, however none other can evoke the impeccable cool that Miss Moss evokes as The Kills’ Jamie Hince. Always the perfect rock star, with velvet blazers, ascots, and an enviable boot collection…Hince and Moss’s closets are what dreams are made of.

3: Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart

There is no glamour without Old Hollywood glamour, and no couple exemplified this more than Bacall and Bogart. The pair were the quintessential actors: talented, coveted, immaculately photographable. Bacall and Bogart complimented each other’s traits and gave each other an endearing softness that made an icon not only of their performances together in a slew of classic films like The Big Sleep but of their love for one another.

2: Bianca Jagger and Mick Jagger

You can make lists of the best wedding dresses but none of those matter next to Bianca’s wedding suit. The rock and roll babe and the Nicaraguan born goddess might have had an incredibly turbulent romance filled with drugs and affairs, but through thick and thin the couple never looked anything but 100%. They were staples at Studio 54, to the point that Bianca celebrated her birthday by riding into the discotheque on a horse. Bianca and Mick were the definition of picture perfect.

1: Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg

While all the couples on this list stand strong as icons, there is one couple to beat all couples. I could write a dissertation on Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg and not even then would I convey how perfect these two were. They sang together, danced together, and, like many of our couples on this list, smoked together – always looking like God’s angels. Sure, he wasn’t the best looking guy, but he had that bad boy French sex appeal that made him look hotter than some of his contemporaries. He did after all date some of the most beautiful women to ever live. But Jane…Jane was one of those one in a million cool girls that were born with it and made everyone else try to copy it. From her hair to her legs, Birkin was an icon (I mean, where do you think the Birkin bag takes its name from?). Stylish couples come and go, but this one lives forever.

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