Exclusive: Rolling Up Weed with Bridge

Babes and blunts seem part of the daily routine for up and coming R&B artist Bridge, an LA based singer with a voice that could melt gold. His latest release, a track called ‘Roll My Weed’, was dropped last week and features a guest spot from rapper ScHoolboy Q. Enthralled by the lush cinematography of the video and completely seduced by the velvety tenor of Bridge’s voice, not to mention the downright flawless lyrics, Milk Made set out to chat with the young melodist about the track, his musical style, and whether or not that was real weed in his video.

So…’Roll My Weed’ just dropped.

It did, it just dropped.

What is the message behind this song?

(laughs) What do you think the message would be?

I have a guess, but I would love to hear your take on it.

My whole take on the record is that it’s just a good vibe record. It’s about my opinion of the effects that a girl has on me. If I think a girl is good looking and all of a sudden I look over my shoulder and I see her rolling a joint and it’s about the way that that makes me feel. The whole record is kind of based around that. The feeling that girls can provoke just by rolling my weed for me two inches to the left. It makes me feel like a young adult.

That seemed like a really fun video shoot.

I mean yeah it was fun, but that was the highest I’ve ever been in my life. The girls on set were such troopers, halfway through some of the shots towards the end of the shoot they were just exhausted from being drowned with weed. That was really the most impressive part of the shoot, that those girls were outsmoking me and kept shooting before I got there and after I had gone.

But it was actually the highest you’ve ever been in your life?

It was actually the highest I’ve ever been, a couple of my friends were actually a little worried for me.

What was it like working with ScHoolboy Q? How did that collaboration come about?

Well he laid his verse in his own studio, and then blessed me with coming in and doing the shoot for us. But we chopped it up. He’s a good dude, he definitely knows what he’s doing. He gave me some words of wisdom, some early tips. And it was cool, we just vibed out.

So when did you first realize you wanted to be a musician?

Probably four or five years ago. I lied to my parents, I was supposed to be in school, they left for work and I would make and write music while they were gone. I was just writing so much music it was easy for me to get into a rhythm. And then I started recording and it just took off from there. But really it was just me spending a lot of time learning; about other cultures and their rhythms and pronunciations and how that can be incorporated into my work. And of course there’s practice, practice, practice. Really I’m just a student, learning and experimenting. It’s the only way that makes sense to me.

If you could describe your sound to someone that’s never heard you before, how would you do it?

Oooh that’s hard. It’s pretty self-reflective, but it’s also pretty direct. As far as genre goes it starts in experimental R&B and goes all the way through pop. My perspective is very me, it’s either about something that I’m going through or something that I’ve been through. Don’t have expectations when listening to my music because everything sounds a little different. You might hear a clear pop song or something really experimental.

If you could collaborate with any artist alive or dead who would it be?

Sade. I’m just the biggest Sade fan. What she did for R&B and slow music…she just did the grooviest shit with it. I’ve always been an after hours person, and I feel like Sade hits the spot every single time you play it when people are turned up late at night. I’m still playing her songs like they’re brand new for me.

If you could give any advice to fellow burgeoning musicians like yourself, what would it be?

Keep the vision clear, keep your work ethic strong, and really try and believe every single day. Do whatever makes you feel like yourself.

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