A Marilyn Manson Johnny Depp Ninja Party

Marilyn Manson, the king of scary scream-o emo gender bending goth rock, had quite a few tricks and/or treats for the audience of his Halloween show this past weekend at the Roxy in Los Angeles. For a rendition of his seminal 90’s ballad ‘The Beautiful Ones,’ Manson brought out a double whammy of surprise guests in Johnny Depp and South African rap group Die Antwoord frontman Ninja. Yes, this is very hard to imagine, so please watch the video before continuing.

Johnny Depp has apparently been best friends with Marilyn Manson for a while now. Depp previously joined Manson onstage in 2012, and Manson has cameo-ed in not one not two but three of Depp’s films, including one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. How these two wrangled the elusive Ninja is an even more mysterious tale, one that for the moment remains, well, a mystery.

As for the performance, the three of them are straight killing it. Manson steps up to the plate with his enraged animal screams that we’ve become so accustomed to, while Depp even fist bumps one elated concert goer before he starts strumming his guitar. Ninja however steals the entire show, making a delayed entrance by jumping straight into the crowd for a surf session, then prancing around the stage like a Thompson’s gazelle from his home nation of South Africa. It’s frankly one of the most intriguingly bizarre collaborations we’ve seen in a while, but their gleeful stage presence is just so infectious that we cannot keep our eyes away. Can they please go on tour?

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