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Danny Fox And The Art That Turns Him On

Last year we featured our good friend UK Artist Danny Fox in our Creative Spaces section. Danny’s career has since moved from strength to strength with several shows and a multitude of press, including the cover article of this months Saatchi magazine.

On a recent trip to London, I was lucky enough to catch his latest show. The Cock n’ Bull Gallery in Shoreditch played host to a large crowd of young creatives, as well as some celebrities, collectors and journalists. Danny’s large scale paintings adorned every wall and his painted pots were positioned in the center of the room, creating a powerful atmosphere. Here is an insiders glimpse of his new work exclusive to Milk Made.

On capturing the imagination:
"I started painting this show about a year ago. It follows a series of small still life paintings that I did out of boredom mostly. I was tired of painting miserably, always thinking about miserable things. I started to paint things that captured my imagination, things that I enjoyed, the things that turned me on, and on a large and physical scale.”

On the story behind the art:
"There is more celebration in this series than anything I have done before and also more history. Its an ambitious collection of about 25 large canvases, that tell the story a cornishman who spent the last 10 years getting drunk in London.’

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