Kurt Cobain's Unearthed Mixtape From '88

Long before we became super high maintenance music listeners who couldn’ with a 30 second interruption on our perfect “rainy day in bed with Chinese food” Spotify playlist, we had to resort to more analog matters in order to avoid commercials on car insurance and traffic forecasts. This was called the mixtape, and it is a nostalgic memento of the pre-digital days that required hours of thought and labor in order to make sure that you could listen to the tape over and over again without getting sick of it.

The Internet killed the mixtape star, but ironically enough the Internet has also blessed us with a pot of gold by unearthing a mixtape curated by Kurt Cobain in 1988, a few years before the massive blowup of Nirvana. Titled ‘Montage of Heck,’ the tape was uploaded onto Vimeo by user SpaceEcho who allegedly received the tape from the iconic musician, and it includes a slew of songs from Led Zeppelin, The Monkees, The Jackson Five, Frank Zappa, and even George Michael. Most notably though, the mixtape also includes ‘monologues’ by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Daniel Johnston, and Kurt himself, who not only imitates James Brown but also includes audios of him peeing and puking. We wouldn’t expect anything less from the genius of the grunge rock god. RIP Kurt baby.

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