talking brunch and beauty with Saada Ahmed

Saada Ahmed is one busy woman, being a co-creator of the monthly Everyday People Brunch as well as the startup agency Sokoni Worldwide. She’s also drop-dead gorgeous and effortlessly stylish. To our delight, Saada paid Milk Studios a visit where we got to know a little more about the entrepreneur. She chatted to us about boyfriend jeans, beauty secrets, and how to get a table at that much coveted brunch.

Where are you from and where do you live now?

I’m from Atlanta, Georgia and now I live in Brooklyn, New York.

What is it that you do?

I guess I would say I’m an entrepreneur. I have a monthly event called Everyday People Brunch, but it’s evolved into different sorts of events. We go to different cities now and we do other events as well.

What was the idea behind Everyday People Brunch?

I was out of the country for a couple months and I decided that I wanted to do something like a daytime party, like the champagne brunch they do in the meat-packing district but the crowd wasn’t exactly my type. And I also wanted a space where my friends could network and meet new people but also at the same time go and dance, like actually dance, and have fun. So that was the basic premise and I reached out to my friend who’s a DJ and he found a location and my friend who’s a chef and he curates the menu. It was initially really small and now it’s grown to be a party of sometimes like 900 people.

How does one get in?!

It’s more word of mouth or friends of friends. The door isn’t strict, if you look cool and have nice style they’ll let you in, but if you have friends that go, it’s not hard to get in at all.

Can you tell us about Sokoni Worldwide?

That’s a startup that I’m doing with my friends. We wanted to create an agency that the target market is the diaspora and people of color. Right now it’s still in its incubator stage. I’m working with a mentor right now who works at an agency so hopefully it’ll be ready soon but I’m still working on it.

What do you do when you’re not working on Sokoni or putting together awesome brunches?

I like hanging out with my friends and enjoying the city. If I can travel, I like to travel.

I saw on Instagram that you were recently in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. How was that?

Yeah! I went to visit some friends there and also potentially have a brunch there. There was some interest. We’re looking to spread our wings and go to other countries as well.

The outfit: How did you put this together?

I really care about comfort. So things that are comfortable and weather-appropriate. I like colorful things as well, like the suit is yellow and it’s bright.

What are some pieces of clothing you can’t live without?

Boyfriend jeans and a plain white tee.

Your hair, it’s gorgeous! How do you normally style it?

If I wear my hair in a curly afro, I’ll wash it and let it air dry or blow-dry it and just put product in it, like Moroccan oil or coconut oil. It’s usually just like this naturally, but I touch it up with a curling iron if there are some stray curls. And sometimes I straighten my hair, just go to a Dominican salon and get it blown out.

I’m sure you’ve been told a lot that you have flawless skin. Are there any products or at-home remedies you swear by?

Thank you! I use Cetaphil and I use cocoa butter (not on my face), I don’t think you should, but I’m pretty simple with my skin. I drink a lot of water, I realize if I don’t then my face breaks out. Wash your face after your night out; that’s the most important thing.

Favorite lipstick?

Russian Red by Mac.

What’s your go-to “getting ready to go out” music?

Probably down-South rap.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

I guess live in the moment. I don’t follow that all the time but I have to remind myself to live in the moment, not to be so obsessed and worried about the future or regretting anything from the past. Just staying in the moment is the biggest advice that I got that I should follow. I try to remind myself.

Photos by Mitchell McLennan

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