Azealia Banks Shuts Down Haters With Album Drop

The Internet world has just broken out into a cold sweat with the release of Azealia Bank’s two year delayed debut album Broke With Expensive Taste. The Harlem queen unexpectedly Beyoncé’d her album after blacking out her social media and tweeting cryptic messages like, “Does the #KUNTBRIGADE wanna see a magic trick?!” three days ago. We don’t want to brag, but we definitely saw this coming.

It’s been a rocky road for Banks, who made all of us imitate that dance move from ‘212,’ the song which introduced the singer and made her an overnight sensation. Since then she’s made some loud noise, but not through her music, rather, through her incessant luv for fighting, both with nearly everyone on twitter, and more notably with her old record label Universal Music.

The album isn’t available to stream yet but she recently released a video for her single ‘Heavy Metal and Reflective’ and the album is climbing its way up the iTunes charts, so unless you want the wrath of Banks to come crushing down on you we advice you help her reach number 1. Sure it’s been a long wait, but we have a feeling that the girl who makes a Mickey Mouse sweater look hardcore (maybe the only person capable of this tbh) can make us look past the delay and onto the dance floor.

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