Exclusive: Turbogeist on their Turbulent Tour

It’s been three years since Turbogeist graced the porn and paint splattered walls of what we like to call, The JamRoom. They’ve been missed! The room most certainly lends itself to their genre, a hybrid of thrash metal and punk. Before the mosh pit ensued I had a chance to sit down with lead singer Jimmy and guitarist Lewis to find out what’s kept them away so long.

Since the last time you played at Milk lots has changed, not least the JamRoom has morphed into a proper live venue!… whats been going on with Turbogeist?

A shit load. We have released two EP’s a few singles, shot videos, and toured till we hated each other…

The show was the last night of a US tour, how did it go?

I think it rates pretty highly on the scale. Really was one of the most attractive audiences I have ever seen, and I hear that we created Milk Studio’s first proper mosh pit which makes us feel like proud fathers.

Any good/bad tour stories you can share with us?

Too many cliches here, and it would be cliche to be cliche so all i will say is: We’ve had some near death experiences in the desert involving swimming in dry lakes, Luis fought a cactus and lost horribly. James can tame cougars, even fire breathers, but the high point was in Utah. We were fucking bored as usual and we pull up to a motel around 4 in the morning and get two rooms, one of which was a recently abandoned meth lab. At first we were scared then we were excited, then scared again that someone was coming back.

What are your feelings about CMJ?

What does it stand for? what does it mean? Country Music Jamboree? If so CMJ has strayed far from its original mission statement.

Are you playing any other US festivals this year? SXSW?

Yes we are playing SXSW! We have an album coming out in the spring so will be out there promoting the shit out of our livers. We have just kidnapped our very own booking agent and hope to be booking some of the more independent festivals. We don’t really like festivals, as a whole they have just become a weird vehicle to sell beer and insurance. Unless of course they pay us, then ideology goes out the window.

Whats the first thing you are gonna do when you get back onto home soil?

Smoke a fag… you can’t do that in America without killing someone.

Any upcoming events or releases you guys wanna tell our readers about?

We have just released an EP called Sheen and we have a full length coming out in the spring as of yet untitled. We are not sure if it will be self titled as that really sends a statement that we can’t think of a title for our album.

Photos by Jamie Burke

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