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Kenneth Willardt's 'The Beauty Book' Launch

Kenneth Willardt’s party for the release of ‘The Beauty Book’ was as sumptuous and striking as the subjects depicted in the renowned photographer’s new book, the first ever collection of his work. His imagery lined the walls of the four story 558 Gallery in Chelsea, a space that was perfectly set up to display and showcase beauty, both in Willardt’s photographs as well as the guests, which included Emily Didonato, Howard Stern, and Gigi Hadid.

Of course it wouldn’t be a good party if there wasn’t a little weirdness to it – each floor of the gallery had its own quirk to it. The ground level made Willardt’s photos into wallpaper and from the ceiling headphones hung just above guest’s heads. The second floor was super crowded, which was no surprise as there was a long and beautiful table filled with any opulent food imaginable: lobster, cheeses, dragon fruit, prosciutto, olives…just thinking about it again makes us salivate. People broke it down on the dance floor on the third level, but perhaps the most fun room was the basement, whose walls were tapered with silver foil a la Warhol’s factory, and which was lit by UV lighting that made white garments so much fun to look at. Although, then again, the crowd was wearing mostly black. In the corner stacks of Willardt’s books were being catalogued and shuffled by a little person with a ray on their head.

The party was a huge success, which is not surprising coming from a very celebrated photographer. Make sure to download the free app which lends an interactive aspect to the show, as well as buying a copy of the book, which will donate 100% of its royalties to Rescuers Without Borders.

‘The Beauty Book’ gallery show will be on display from November 8th through December 7th at 558 Gallery in New York

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