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Billy Name: The Silver Age Opens at Milk Gallery

The cavernous spaces of Milk Gallery were barely able to contain the throngs upon throngs of guests anxious to get a glimpse of Billy Name: The Silver Age, a look into the glamorous and clandestine world of Warhol’s Factory in the swingin’ 60’s. Literally packed to the gills, the opening of the exhibition became a raucous party presided over by Billy Name himself, providing an ambiance that eerily mirrored the images of the mod parties he photographed years ago.

For Warhol fans and pop culture addicts alike, the show was a little slice of heaven. Never before seen images of Warhol with Factory staples like Edie Sedgwick, Lou Reed, Nico, Brigid Berlin, and even Bob Dylan hovered over everyone, frozen by Billy’s magic timing in their prime. With the aid of his Honeywell Pentax camera, Billy also captured numerous stills from behind the scenes of Warhol’s film projects and art productions, providing a true insider’s gaze into some of the most iconic images of the 20th century. Not confined to one medium, Billy’s work was also showcased in vinyl albums, catalogs, and hand-painted photos painstakingly placed in display cases throughout the gallery.

In an homage to the literal silvering Billy devised of Warhol’s factory with his silver foil, the columns throughout the gallery were also ‘silvered,’ and guests were treated to a medley of the Velvet Underground and John Cale’s most recognizable tracks as well as outtakes, a playlist curated by Michael Shulman, as they roamed about the space. The overall effect was less of a tribute to Billy’s work but more of a resurrection of the times in which Billy worked, a world that is so ingrained in our collective conscious that it touched a nerve with everyone, artistically inclined or not.

Billy Name: The Silver Age will be on display at Milk Gallery through December 7th

Photography by Zlatko Batistich

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