Waka Flocka's Blunt Rolling Job Search Heats Up

Sorry folks, the job of a lifetime just got a whole lot more competitive. Rapper and poster boy of crunk Waka Flocka Flame caused a stir when he posted an advertisement for a job opening in his posse that required a highly specific set of skills. What could Waka Flocka be accepting open calls for? Why a personal blunt roller of course! As good as this sounds, there have been reportedly been over 60,000 applications sent in for a job that can only accept one fortunate stoner.

Many of us could only dream of having a career built around handling marijuana, let alone a job that requires intricate weed skills in direct service for a self-proclaimed king of kush. The line for such a position would be out the door even if there was no pay involved, but because Waka is a generous man, he is offering a salary of $50,000 a year for the roller with the magic touch. That’s right, one lucky individual will make more money rolling papers and grinding weed than the average college graduate in their first hired position.

It is a job that is the definition of once in a lifetime, but we urge you not to be too intimidated by the number of applicants, for good ol’ Waka Flocka has yet to fill the position. There is no word on the health benefits or insurance of this job, but when you’re rolling blunts all day for the Flockaveli himself, dental plans might not be the first thing on your mind.

You can still apply to be Flocka’s Master of Blunts here. We also recommend you revisit the video for ‘Hard in da Paint,’ a nice indicator of your future job environment. Best of luck, you’ll need it!

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