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1/5 — The queen of sass is the only model who could ever look fiercer than an alligator



Jean Paul Goude's Other Work

Unless you live under a rock you should by now be well versed with Kim Kardashian’s butt-bearing PAPER Magazine cover plus at least a handful of memes discussing it. What you probably don’t know yet, however, is that the photographer behind the lens, Jean Paul Goude, has actually been creating iconic imagery since his days as art director for Esquire Magazine in the 70s. In celebration of breaking the internet with Kim’s assets we give you a list of five of Goude’s best work.

5: Never one to play it safe, least of all boring, Goude has created insane images that few others could have or will do. This photoshoot he did for Harper’s Bazaar featured Naomi Campbell as a fearless queen of the jungle, racing cheetahs, riding elephants, and near-wrestling an alligator. Of course no one but queen Campbell could’ve done this.

4: This is one of the type of images you’ve seen – both the original as well as countless imitations of it, but probably never knew where it came from. Goude served as art director at Esquire for a few years, during which he created celebrated and at times controversial work.

3: When we say Goude has done it all we mean it. Not only does his work revolve around editorials but he has also collaborated with many renowned fashion houses to be a photographer for their advertisements, namely Chanel and Kenzo.

2: The image that started all this hype. Goude photographed Carolina Beaumont in 1976 and it is the exact stencil used for Kim K’s new photo shoot (well, give or take a little more nudity, but who’s really keeping tabs?)

1: Goude held a long and tumultuous relationship with Grace Jones – both professionally as well as romantically. He photographed her countlessly – from her album covers to editorial prints and even directed some of her music videos. Maybe the most culminating work is the book Jungle Fever, which displayed a lot of their collaborations.

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