The Best (And Scariest) Action Movie Villains

The new James Bond movie, which is set to start filming next month, has been as secretive as MI6. Last month we got confirmation that the next actress to join the team of legendary Bond girls is none other than French bombshell Léa Seydoux and now it seems that the next villain is about to be revealed to the world. Although for now it’s still a speculation, it appears to be that the next man to terrify and torture 007 is none other than Christoph Waltz.

We couldn’t think of a better villain – this is after all the man who can make drinking a glass of milk incredibly threatening and tense. While we anxiously wait to get confirmation about the news we’ve rounded up a list of the five of the best action movie villains. Be warned, these characters are ruthless.

5: Javier Bardem in Skyfall

It wouldn’t be right to start this list without honoring the last Bond villain, played by the Spanish actor. Bardem is no stranger to playing creepy characters, but his Oedipal relationship with M made Skyfall’s villain get under your nails. Not to mention that hair was enough to scare us from the start.

4: Gary Oldman in Léon: The Professional

Despite looking incredibly handsome Oldman turns up the psycho factor up in the cult classic film starring Jean Reno and a 12-year-old Natalie Portman. Like the other actors on this list Oldman is no stranger to playing villain (who can forget him as a Rastafarian drug dealer or a very questionably dressed futuristic Zorg), however the fact that he’s a corrupt sociopathic cop who does not even question killing a little girl is terrifying. Keep it together, man.

3: Kevin Spacey in Se7en

Although this is more a thriller than an action movie we couldn’t leave out Kevin Spacey as John Doe in David Fincher’s 1995 film. Although his identity isn’t revealed until the movie is almost done every minute he is on screen is enough to give you goose bumps. His monotone dryness is like icy blades on your back – Spacey is that good. You just knew from the beginning that that box was not meant to be opened.

2: Jack Nicholson in Batman and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight

This is a tie for obvious reasons. Nicholson first brought the legendary Joker to life in Tim Burton’s 1989 classic, and then the role was reprised in a very different way by the late Ledger in Christopher Nolan’s take. Both actors are two of the best actors to ever exist and their interpretations of the same villain only make this more evident; Nicholson does the creepy clown bit and Ledger gives us a very tortured anarchic sociopath. Two of the best roles of all time.

1: Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

Alright, so this film is also more a thriller than a Bond-like action flick, but we couldn’t let Alex Forrest claw her way out of this list. On the surface the character played by Close (who also haunted many a childhood as Cruella de Vil) could be deemed a fashion icon, and even when her true colors are revealed she gives us sartorial envy. But honestly, even though the other characters in this list are true nightmares there is no one as terrifying as a woman who will boil a bunny out of jealousy. You know what happens when you mess with a scorned woman.

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