Jacket tagged by Basquiat Sells for $9,100

This week a leather jacket graffitied-up by Jean-Michel Basquiat and other artists sold at New York’s Swann Auction Galleries for a whopping $9,100 USD. Predicted to sell in the range of $7,000 to $10,000, it definitely met expectation.

The story behind the leather: Rico Espinet, the stage manager and lighting director of Danceteria, a super cool club frequented by many famous faces in the 80s, lent the jacket and a permanent marker to the nightclub’s elevator operator at an after-hours party so guests could write all over it. Taggers include designer and artist Stephen Sprouse, and street artists Jep 2, Stash, and Energy.

The most notable artist to mark the jacket up is of course Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Brooklyn artist’s short-lived career began with graffiti, featured a friendship with Andy Warhol, and ended in a drug overdose. The minimal length of Basquiat’s career doesn’t diminish its relevance though. His most expensive piece was auctioned off for $48.8 million. Considering that, $9,100 for a jacket with his penmanship seems like a steal, even more so because he wrote stuff like “ass”, “tity”, and “breast” on it. We’re definitely jealous of the jacket’s new owner.

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