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Solange's Wedding Photos Will Make You Sob

For the romantic dreamers of the world who think that they’re going to have the perfect wedding when they get older, it’s time to give up. You have been beaten. The always elegant Solange Knowles may very well have pulled off the wedding of the year with a level of secrecy on par with her sister’s album release this past winter. Now that the ceremony has come and gone, the official wedding portraits have been shared courtesy of Vogue. To put it simply, they are so gorgeous that it kind of makes our head spin that this wedding was a real life event.

White was the name of the game for the entire bridal party as well as the groom, a preview of which briefly emerged of Solange with her music video director hubby Alan Ferguson rolling through the streets of New Orleans via bicycle. Due to the obvious limitations a bicycle places on fashion, Solange’s first outfit of her big day was a caped onesie by Stephanie Rolland. As the bicycles were left outside in exchange for the indoor ceremony, she transitioned into a stunning gown of galactic proportions by Humberto Leon for Kenzo, complete with wrist bands right out of a Wonder Woman comic. Ferguson was dressed in a suit by Lanvin with simple black leather sandals, one of the only accouterments not in pristine white.

The overall look for the wedding was a ceremony worth of Princess Leia. Rarely have we seen an image that conveys the startling beauty and unassuming power and poise of femininity than Solange flanked on either side by maid of honor Queen Bey and their mother Tina. The bridal party seemed to be beamed down from Mount Olympus, goddesses of love and fashion sent to teach us all how to actually have a wedding. We wish all the best for the new couple, but seriously, is it even fair for anyone to look so good?

All photos by Rog Walker for US Vogue

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