Billionaire Builds Futuristic NYC Island

Say hello to New York City’s new futuristic island. Husband to Diane von Furstenberg, Barry Diller, former head of Fox and Paramount Pictures is spearheading the project and providing a whopping $130 million to fund the park known as Pier 55.

The park is not only beautifully designed but it’s being built atop a 186 feet platform off the Hudson River shoreline, featuring three large performance venues and an amphitheater to fit over 1,000 people. It would also cater to environmental issues by guarding against rough storms like Hurricane Sandy. Many events at Pier 55 would be open to the public and free which will no doubt make it even more of a noted destination.

The remaining amount of $39.5 million, to cover the entire park’s cost of $170 million, would be provided from the city, the state and the Hudson River Park Trust. Mr. Diller has even extended his generosity by offering to run and cover the 2.4-acre park’s operating expenses for the next 20 years. “I have always loved public spaces,” Diller told The New York Times. “It’s entirely my fault that this has become so ambitious. We will fail in our ambition, outsized or whatever it may be, if this doesn’t feel completely like a park and completely like a performance space.” Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio are onboard as well so it looks like NYC might be getting it’s own little island in the stream.

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