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Natural Koncept Wraps Up Tour at Milk

Last night friends and family of our beloved skateboard team Natural Koncept, gathered in the Milk Digital Bar for a screening of the eagerly anticipated High Class Creepin. The Natural Koncept team traveled throughout the globe to make this film, traveling through Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Turkey. In the words of Natty Kon’s bossman Josh ‘JZ Radical’ Zickert "the film was titled High Class Creepin because our crew skated the streets in a gritty style on the daily and at night repped it high class in some of the illest clubs across the world." The champagne flowed as we all celebrated 10 years of epic tricks, flips, slides and bails. JZ Radical introduced the rest of his team to us all whilst sponsors Etonic and Arizona joined in on the fun. The film was awesome and had everyone laughing, cringing, and even crying! I highly recommend you check it out and give the skateboarder inside you something to shout about.

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