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Exclusive: Kitty Sheds her Hip Hop 'Pryde'

Kitty’s come a long way from her days spent rapping in her bedroom – first of all she dropped the ‘Pryde’ after her name, switched from emotionally charged hip hop to sultry upbeat trance, and has most importantly learned to shake the haters away. With a newly released EP, Frostbite, making it’s way into everyone’s playlists, Kitty’s transition has only just begun. We got the scoop from the Daytona-native about what’s next, what’s new, and why she prefers Brooklyn.

Hey! How are you?

I’m good, I’m very tired. I’m in Los Angeles. I’m doing a whole bunch of sessions – I’m writing my next album, so I’ve been here for like nine days and I’m here for six more, and I’m doing sessions for like 8 hours a day.
I’ve never recorded this way before, I always record at my house so this is way different.

Are you recording at a studio now?

I’ve been going to a bunch of different studios in LA. It’s different especially because I’ve never written a song with anyone else, and this time there’s writers in the room who are helping, giving me ideas and other stuff to work off of, and it’s so much better because I’ll sit and home and be like, ‘I don’t know what to write a song about’ for like days, and not be able to write anything because I have zero ideas. Now it’s so much easier because I’m in my own space and no distractions. I’ve gotten so much done, it’s crazy.

That’s crazy that you’re already recording because your new EP was just released! Your new single “Miss You” is so fun and good and danceable, but it’s very different from your other work – clearly there’s no rapping in it, which is the main difference. What made you have this shift?

First of all hip-hop fans are really kind of…they can be super dicks and people who didn’t get it were clearly never gonna get it and never gonna be into it, and I realized that I was still gonna have to deal with all of the mean shit they do and they say and I didn’t want to have to deal with that anymore, and there was clearly a reason that that wasn’t clicking. And I thought maybe I can be using my talents to make something that I can be more proud of instead of put down for, so I was experimenting a lot with the music that I’ve actually been listening to lately which is like trance and I thought maybe I could be making a cool trance song. So my new EP is inspired by way different shit – there’s still kind of rapping in it, but it’s kind of hidden, so it’s fun. I think it will be better received than all the other stuff I’ve done because there won’t be so many people like ‘why are you rapping bitch? No.’

Is that mainly on the Internet?

Yeah mainly the Internet but that’s probably only because I’ve only gotten any recognition on the Internet. But then if I play a show…like I’ve opened for some real hip-hop people because I guess they just actually don’t know what I’m gonna do, so I get booked. I opened for GZA, for fucking Deltron 3030, I’ve opened for the realest hip-hop people and their fans just freak out and they’re like, ‘what the fuck is this bitch doing?’ It’s just so mean.

How has growing up reflected your musical evolution? What other things have influenced the shift?

Well I had a really bad breakup last summer. My first songs were about silly things because I was like a child when I was writing them, and then my songs got more intense because I had this really abusive relationship and it ended really badly, and it was such a huge thing that happened to me that all of a sudden everything I wrote was about that. So that’s why my last EP, I was like ‘alright I’m over it’ because it was insanely emotional and now everything feels way better and I have a great relationship and live in a great place that I love and I have great friends, and I’m way happier and I think that being happy makes it easier to focus on what I like instead of trying to let my emotions out in a weird way that will scare people. It’s very different, but basically the influence of this whole shift has been like shaking off negativity and being over being scared of doing something just because I think I’m not gonna be good at it.

How is this new EP different?

It’s a lot of really pretty, sparkly, cloudy songs that are about empowering shit. They’re empowering sparkly songs. A lot of feminism.

Brooklyn or Manhattan?

I used to think that Manhattan was way better but now I’m kind of really getting into Brooklyn because it’s so much cheaper and I can go to the deli in my pajamas and I don’t have to worry about seeing a million people. It’s more like being at home. In Manhattan I used to be embarrassed to not put makeup on before like going to the store.

Brooklyn or Daytona?

Brooklyn. Anything is better than Daytona – in Daytona everybody is really judgmental and nothing really happens there.

You’ve become pretty successful and you’re really well known, so what’s your advice to aspiring female musicians? Obviously it’s a different game than for male musicians.

Well the most important thing I can tell anybody is: If you have a vision and you have your own art don’t ever let anyone tell you ‘this what you should do instead,’ especially not a guy. Believe in what you’re doing and don’t second guess yourself.

If you could only listen to three musicians or bands for the rest of your life who would you choose?

Oh my god…probably Ayumi Hayasaki, Skrillex, and Danny Brown.

Finally, Christmas or Thanksgiving?

Christmas by all means. You give presents to people! It’s so fun! And you can decorate for Christmas!

Make sure to buy Frostbite here

Kitty photographed for Milk Made by Bec Lorrimer

Styling by Coquito Cassibba

Hair by Ryan Mitchell at oneninetynine management

Make up by Allie Smith at Sarah Laird & Good Company

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