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Recap: Milk + SoundCloud Jam With Little Simz & GoldLink

The fabled halls of the Milk JamRoom were even more crowded than usual as the Milk family was joined by the SoundCloud family, the first gathering of the cultural titans that is fortunately the first of many. The party was well under way before the night’s entertainment even took the stage, thanks somewhat to the seemingly limitless flow of Jameson and the effortless DJ skills of Milk’s own Jamie Burke, but due in large part to the pure elation of the new partnership.

The excitement of the new conglomeration was a palpable feeling in the air, a feeling utilized by the evening’s two wickedly skilled rising talents, rappers GoldLink and Little Simz. GoldLink immediately stunned the crowd with his insanely fast rhymes, one worthy of usurping Busta Rhymes for the title of fastest spitter alive. His style was in stark contrast to the colloquial bangers of Little Simz, who rapped with such complex, lyrical flow that she was equal parts storyteller and fierce emcee. The girl is a born performer, keeping her audience on edge by stopping songs midway through because she wanted us to “hear that drop one more time.”

Both performers’ energy was infectious, so much that the party was still going strong over four hours in. Both rappers seemed an ideal choice for the very first SoundCloud + Milk partnership, or even a metaphorical one. The collision of hip hop styles mirrored the meeting of the aesthetic mastery of Milk with the sonic expertise of SoundCloud, marking what is sure to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Stay tuned for our upcoming interviews and photo shoot with Little Simz and GoldLink.

Photos by Mitchell McLennan

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