Exclusive: Dsquared2 on those NYFW Rumors

Design brothers Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 have been speculating that they plan to spread their fashion love our way very soon. Not only do they show yearly in Milan Fashion Week but it is now a possibility that the duo will show in the upcoming New York Fashion Week as well. Their approach and vision of urban street wear, which undoubtedly will work for the American market, will be a wide success not just for regular common consumers but for A-list celebrities who brand themselves with the label as well. Dsquared2 has dressed every major celebrity from Kanye West, to Justin Bieber, and even George Clooney on the red carpet. Dean and Dan have also designed stage-tour wardrobes for Beyonce, Britney Spears, Madonna and Rihanna amongst others. Milk Made spoke to the designers about their exciting new plans for the near future, as well as the unique cross-cultural perspective to their work.

What is the style for the boys and girls of Dsquared2?

Dan: Contrast and style. What we try to do is give a look and create a mood.

Dean: And our runway emphasis brings our mood into a vision.

Are you really planning to show during NYFW?

Dan: We’re looking into it, We thought it was an interesting idea to really promote the brand since we have stores opening, it actually wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Dean: We are interested but it all depends on the space.

Will you only show a men’s collection or a women’s collection for NYFW?

Dean: I think it would be best to show both so then we won’t have to show during Milan Fashion Week.

How do you guys come up with design concepts for your next collection? What is your design philosophy?

Dan: We brainstorm ideas together to come up with ideas and designs we both agree upon. If we don’t agree we keep it on hold until we both are pleases with the outcome.

Dean: Born in Canada, made in Italy! We utilize the Canadian sense of humor with the expertise in Italian tailoring to get a contrast between them both. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we design clothes that we want to wear based off the things we are inspired by. Each runway show tells a story from the lighting, the atmosphere of the set by the displays, the music and the collection.

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