Meet Lammily: The First Doll with Acne

“Mommy, I want my doll to have acne and cellulite!” is not something we often hear during the shopping frenzies of the holiday season, but the year of dermatologically challenged dolls has come. Step aside Barbie, meet Lammily, the world’s first ever realistically depicted doll.

It may sound like a joke or an art school project gone wild, but the Lammily doll has already been created, reviewed, and tested in a wide variety of market audiences and is available to buy now for the low retail price of $25. Lammily is the brainchild of artist Nickolay Lamm, who set out with the simple goal of creating a ‘normal’ Barbie, one that would slowly and subtly begin to change the way that our children perceive standards of beauty and body image. “I spent lots of time and research to create a doll which daughters are going to love,” Lamm told the Huffington Post. “She isn’t just a doll with typical body proportions, she’s a fun doll which just happened to have typical body proportions.”

Aside from Lammily’s realistic BMI, she is designed not with pink poodle skirts and stilettos but with denim cutoffs and sneakers. This January will see the release of a variety of accessories for Lammily, which does in fact include patches of acne and cellulite as well as other features like moles and stretch marks, that can be placed in a variety of ways on her plastic body. Barbie has faced a great deal of controversy in her time on Earth as being detrimental to the mental health of girls (and boys) everywhere, which is why the reaction to Lammily has been overwhelmingly positive. Creator Lamm crowdsourced the funds for the project, asking for $95,000 and receiving upwards of half a million in response, over five times his goal. In our new age of women’s empowerment, Lammily may become an integral factor in educating the next generation of children. And she’s still so fun too!

Check out Lammily’s website for more information on specific products. Photos courtesy of Nickolay Lamm

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