Pharrell + Cara Are Actual Royalty in Chanel Film

The Pharrell + Cara Delevingne pop music takeover is almost upon us! After our previous bouts of excited speculation, Chanel maestro (and ultimate leather Daddy) Karl Lagerfeld has released a 40 second teaser of an upcoming fashion film that will feature the song. The song is titled ‘CC the World,’ but it turns out the duet is just one of a boatload of things that is getting us all worked up.

The films is called Reincarnation, and is not so much a Pharrell and Cara being pretty vehicle as it is an homage to the Chanel brand and the Imperial era of Austrian history. Lagerfeld went full scale, time-hopping epic for the upcoming fashion film, which supposedly follows Coco Chanel herself (played by legendary actress and daughter of Charlie, Geraldine Chaplin) as she visits a hotel in Salzburg. She looks at her lobby boy, Pharrell, and inspired by his jacket comes up with the plan for the iconic Chanel jacket. Then somehow we are transported through time and Pharrell becomes the 19th century monarch Emperor Franz Joseph I with Cara as his wife, Empress Elisabeth.

It’s a lot to juggle for a brief clip, but the idea of Pharrell and Cara boogie-ing down in aristocratic attire seems like the Cinderella and Prince Charming we never knew we needed. The brief little teaser has us literally drooling over Lagerfeld’s imagery, the Chanel trivia, and of course the actually magic songwriting of Pharrell. Who knew the Austrian Empire knew how to party so damn well?

Photo by Karl Lagerfeld

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