Tumblr IRL + TV on the Radio Collide at Art Basel

As the elite of the art world flock down south to Miami this week for the annual event Art Basel, they will be greeted by the presence of Tumblr IRL. A project by Tumblr that aims to team bands up with visual artists to produce a one of a kind artistic presentation, they key words of course being ‘in real life.’ For their first appearance at Art Basel, they have chosen to showcase a project with quintessential art rockers, and one of our personal favorites, TV on the Radio.

So what does this conglomeration of art and music extravaganza entail exactly? Taking place this this Friday, Dec. 5th, TV on the Radio will perform a medley of tracks from their brand new album, Seeds, as well some old standards (seriously, it’s unwritten law that they have to play ‘Wolf Like Me.’) The band and concertgoers will be surrounded by a selection of paintings, sculptures, and interactive pieces by artist Julian Gross. All of the pieces are inspired by specific songs on the band’s new album, and are a physical manifestation of some of the work that appeared on Tumblr IRL’s online blog.

TV on the Radio have always been a very visually conscious band, evidenced by their frequent usage of complex, visual media in their live shows, but this show seems to be the definitive, immersive experience from a band with an aesthetic at the top of their game. We’re jealous of everyone that gets to see it IRL.

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