Frank Ocean Returns with Steamy New 'Memrise'

Forget turkey leftovers, the most exciting thing to happen over the long Thanksgiving weekend was the surprise announcement of a new Frank Ocean song. The track is called ‘Memrise,’ and aside from being the singer’s first new material since his game changing 2012 debut Channel Orange, it is the slinkiest stoner sex ballad this side of, well, older Frank Ocean songs.

Seemingly taking a cue from his 2012 musical peers Tame Impala, the track is heavy on mind melting vocal fades and pitch shifts. Keeping in line with his new psychedelic effects, the song is suuuper lo-fi, putting us right in the mood for a psychotropic sex odyssey led by our tour guide Frankie. He also shared the lyrics to the track via his Tumblr, which features blush-inducing lines like “I could fuck you all night long from a memory alone.”

It’s only a 2-minute teaser, but it’s the most that we’ve heard out of Frank in a while, other than a brief moment of trying to revive Seapunk. We don’t know when more music will come, nor do we even know the name of this new album, but this new single holds quite a bit of promise. Time to listen to Pyramids for the 74th time while we cry over his perfection.

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