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30 Days wraps up with Drake, Tink and A$AP Mob

The last two days of Red Bull’s 30 Days of Music in LA ended with two bombastic, albeit, very different performances. Chet Faker at the historic Mack Sennett Studios started off really strong with two solid opening acts, Denetia and Sene and James Supercave. With the crowd warmed up and buzzing with excitement, Chet Faker came out and immediately launched into his solo set, delivering soulful vocals while playing with building rhythms and overlaying soundscapes. He interrupted his own set to introduce a section where as a performer, he can "really fuck up", citing the importance of this very live aspect that sometimes seems to get lost in today’s popular music. In the end, he did not "fuck up" and gave one of the most memorable and powerful performances I’ve seen all year.

Sunday night was the last day of the month and series, and although the first rainy and dreary day in LA in months, people came out and packed the Palladium to see A$AP Mob. Like the night before, the opening acts were carefully curated, and Saba and Tink (with DJ Numark) built up the anticipation and energy levels to introduce the headliner of the night. Starting out with the very easy to sing along to, "Hella Hoes", the crowd erupted into an almost choreographed frenzy of jumping and flailing. The night only escalated when surprise guest, Drake, came out to deliver a turned up performance of, "Tuesday". The crowd of 3,000+ morphed into a large mosh pit throughout the rest of the evening. I watched safely from afar, but secretly wished to experience that tornado of energy circulating down below, if only for a few seconds.Check out our photos of the final events, as well as our previous coverage of the month.

Photography by Koury Angelo.

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