Moby's first photo exhibit is kinda scary

2014 has surprisingly become known as a year for celebrities to start holding art exhibitions, as evidenced by the continually artistic endeavors of James Franco and a recent art project with NYU students by R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe. Moby, the bald-headed guru of 90’s techno, is the latest to join these ranks, with a new photo exhibition in New York titled ‘Innocents.’

The exhibit, which is also the title his most recent album released last year, is the first of its kind for Moby, despite the fact that he majored in photography in college. It supposedly is thematically centered on the idea that Earth is already in the midst of a post-Apocalyptic era, and features photographs of surreal landscapes with cult-like figures in animal masks transposed in ordinary settings. The aforementioned album has a cover taken by Moby and is also used as a piece of the show.

Aside from setting the majority of trends that emerged in dance and electronic music in the 90’s, Moby is known for his fierce opinions regarding the preservation of the environment. He is a practicing vegan and staunch supporter of animal rights, so it may not come as that much of a surprise that his art would carry similar connotations and messages. Either way, don’t expect to do much dancing when you get a glimpse of his show, instead be prepared to cower in fear at the sight of spooky animal people foretelling your doom.

‘Innocents’ is on display at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery until December 31st. All images courtesy of Moby.

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