Exclusive: Inside GoldLink's God Complex

Everyone here at Milk is still reeling from the killer performance of GoldLink in our JamRoom, the first of our collaborative performance series with SoundCloud. With top notch production providing the backbone for his insanely rapid fire delivery, GoldLink is an MC filled with pure, unbridled talent. Milk Made’s Jamie Burke spoke to the artist before his JamRoom set about his new EP, ‘God Complex,’ and why he idolizes someone like Bob Dylan.

How’s it going dude?

I’m good, how are you?

Very good thanks. Can you just let us know what your earliest memory is of getting into music?

Yeah. I want to say that I started taking music seriously when I was about 19 years old. I was dabbling in it when I was 18, but 19 was when I got serious, when I realized what I wanted to do.

Your debut EP ‘God Complex’ has gotten rave reviews. Can you elaborate a little more on the creative process of making a record like this?

Pretty much it was a, I wanted to make sure it was cohesive, and I wanted to make sure it was as short as possible, but have it touch as many facets as it possibly can. Like how many subjects can I do, how many people can I reach within a short amount of time.

How long is the EP?

26 minutes. So that was pretty much the whole creative thing, trying to keep that in mind and working towards a goal with it.

You worked with quite a handful of producers, is there anyone that stood out to you or who you would like to work with again?

Fingalick for sure. McCallaman, who made ‘When I Die.’ Bunx who made ‘How It’s Done.’ Even Teklun for ‘Hip Hop.’ Those are the same ones that I want to keep working with.

So what’s the meaning behind the EP title? Religious or a reoccurring theme in your work?

It’s both. From a religious standpoint, it’s because God is perfect in every way. I feel like people should strive to be somewhat as perfect as that if you believe in it. And then at the same time it’s more of a confidence, kind of arrogant in a way. It kind of comes with being a perfectionist, so if you feel like you’re being a perfectionist then you have the right to be as confident as you can in the product you’re trying to push. So it’s playing off of both.

Is this your first time at Milk? First impressions?

Yeah, I love it. Very professional which I like. And I will definitely come back, I hope I can.

Who are you listening to on your SoundCloud right now?

Chaz French. A bunch of producers mostly, but it’s a wide variety of stuff.

Any dead or alive idols you would work with either in or out of the hip hop game?

In hip-hop Big L. In general though, I’d say Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan are the three main people I would love to work with. More than anything because of their storytelling ability.

What can we expect from your live performances?

Really intimate fun. It’s going to be really structured, but really fun.

Photography by Mitchell Mclennan

Creative Direction by Paul Bui

Styling by Ramya Velury

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