Alexander Wang Beyoncés Denim Collection

Because the new thing is to suddenly drop new projects as if it were nbd, Alexander Wang has just released a denim collection today, after sharing his new venture for the first time only yesterday. The designer and Milk family favorite released two photos of German model Anna Ewers lounging in the nude save for a pair of AW jeans rolled around her ankles and a steamy crotch-shot censored only by the model’s hand.

Wang pulled a Beyoncé and shared the images (shot by Steven Klein) on Instagram with the caption ‘#ComingSoon…#DENIMxAW #AWLaunch’ and today the collection is finally here, although it won’t be available for sale until the 8th.

It hasn’t even been long enough for us to wrap our heads around the fact that Wang’s H&M collaboration has already come and gone, and now this?! We’re going to have to start selling our belongings to be able to keep up with Wang’s endeavors (the collection’s price points range from $225 to $295 according to WWD, but hey the holidays are right around the corner, so maybe it’s time to rewrite that letter to Santa.

Photos via Alexander Wang’s Instagram

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