MUZSE Presents 'Adorned': An Exhibit of Wearables

Would you believe us if we told you that the latest in wearable tech, such as the MICA bracelet has it’s roots in technology from the 17th century? Or that noise-cancelling headphones have been around for over half a century? As a part of the collaboration between Milk and Intel, we are excited to announce Adorned, a MUZSE exhibit that dissects our cultural history of wearable technology from the past, surrounding us in the present, and taking a look at where we’re headed in the future.

The exhibit is focused on ‘the shape of things to come,’ but it provides an illuminating overview on how technology has always been something that humans are eager to wear and accessorize. Divided into sections of innovations made in sound, vision, kinesthetics, and data, visitors can examine artifacts from as early as the 1600’s through almost every historical era, right on through to the tech of today.

The goal of the MUZSE exhibit is to celebrate the symbiotic relationship technology has always had with our culture, and rarely has it been highlighted as informatively and effectively as it has here. With film installations and interactive pieces adding to the already enticing exhibition, it is not something to be missed.

‘Adorned’ is on display at 446 W. 14th St, open to the public 11am-7pm daily, from Dec. 9th-13th

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