Marina Abramovic's Death Film with Roman Polanski

Controversy loves company. At least, that’s what we can gather from performance art grandmaster Marina Abramovic collaborating with iconic filmmaker (and longtime fugitive of justice) Roman Polanski. He is one of multiple directors that Abramovic has called upon to help realize her latest endeavor, a seven part performance art film titled Seven Deaths.

The film/art piece supposedly has its’ roots in the world of opera, with each of the ‘seven deaths’ being an re-enactment of the death of the female protagonist in seven different operas. But instead of Abramovic playing each role, i.e. Carmen or Madama Butterfly, she will be playing opera singer Maria Callas. She told Art Newspaper that she has been working on this project for 25 years now, and that she has been “obsessed with this unbelievably romantic idea of dying for love.”

Polanski then seems a likely choice as a collaborator. Known for films that depict the darker, more morbid side of femininity, such as Rosemary’s Baby, Repulsion, and Chinatown, he may be just the fit for Abramovic’s death-centric labor of love. She’s also enlisted the aid of Birdman director Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu, who also has a track record of movies that make us feel sick from all of the feels. As we had previously reported, she tried to get Lars von Trier on board, but we’re guessing there’s only so many madcap directors you can fit in one art film. For everybody that likes to get down and dirty with their dark side, this sounds like the seven-part movie for you.

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