Spanish Artist Took 20 Years for Royal Portrait

Everybody procrastinates, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it just happens. But not many people can say that they put off finishing a painting for 20 years. Spanish artist Antonio Lopez can however, because he somehow took a full two decades to finish a portrait of the Spanish Royal Family. (Side note, who knew that Spain still had a monarchy?!)

The artist has become something of a joke in the art world given that it his taken him nearly a quarter of a century to finish a painting that could have been accomplished with one tap on an iPhone, it’s not like we rely on oil paintings for representation anymore. Lopez is understandably a little worried what this might do for his reputation, telling Spanish newspaper El Pais that “I don’t want anyone to think I’ve been lazy. I haven’t painted people in a long time.”

So much time elapsed between Lopez accepting his commission and the unveiling of the portrait that the ‘Royal Family’ depicted isn’t even the royal family anymore. His Highness Juan Carlos abdicated the throne after his family was rocked with scandal and financial illegalities. The painting’s name has changed to reflect this, going from “The Royal Family of Juan Carlos I” to simply “The Family of Juan Carlos I.”

The painting is now officially on display to the public at the Royal Palace in Madrid. We hate to be brutally honest, but Antonio, why did you even accept this job in the first place? Any royal families out there who need a portrait, you should probably look elsewhere.

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