It’s official, Agyness Deyn has turned a new leaf—doing the “Model Turned Actress” (MTA) thing right. She’s left the peroxide pixie behind, and now dons long brunette locks, which some critics say makes the ex-high fashion model look more like the girl next door. Snarky comments tend to be made whenever a model falls off the runway and lands on set, but fortunately the beloved Agy has an emotive skill set that is super on point.

Set to debut on the 12th, and already receiving a vast bounty of praise, Deyn’s latest role in Electricity travels down the rabbit hole otherwise known as epilepsy. The film is shot through the POV of Lily, a young northern gal suffering from a crippling brain disorder who is on the hunt for her long lost brother.

Cinematically, the scenes being entirely focused on the epileptic Lily and her surroundings are beautifully striking. When Lily falls, you fall, and when her brain is firing uncontrollably, sparks fly across the screen Enter The Void style.

Electricity is not only a visual trip filled with soft glimpses of Agyness Deyn’s perfect proportions, but also an accurate portrayal of a person living with epilepsy. There are seizures, scrapes, scars, and harsh emotional wear. Deyn’s performance is compassionate and well informed as she spent time studying with a specialist about the disorder and learning from past cases of it.

If you obsessed over Agyness Deyn as a model, then get ready to love her as an actress. As for MTA’s Deyn is definitely setting the bar, let’s just hope that the queen Cara can carry the throne as well.

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