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MUZSE Travels Through Time with 'Adorned'

Walking into MUZSE’s ‘Adorned’ exhibit, presented by Milk and Intel, feels like entering a time capsule that takes you from the past to the future in five seconds flat. Not only are you greeted with videos that very quickly and efficiently show you the history of wearable technology of watches, glasses, and exoskeletons, but the walls and ceilings weave threaded material from the front of the gallery all the way to the back, creating an illusion of time traveling. This isn’t accidental, as the threads serve as an analogy for the fabric of time, a weaving from the future to the past.

The opening party last night was proof of how successful ‘Adorned’ is. The space was packed, and at every station (which focused on audio, visuals, data, and kinesthetic) guests were fascinated by the primal examples of wearable tech, like an abacus ring, the first noise-canceling headphones, and pointe slippers. But it really was the newest of new in the tech world that had everyone talking. Of course amidst the display there are objects most everyone is familiar with like Google Glass and Go Pro, objects everyone has been excited to see like Intel and Opening Ceremony’s MICA Bracelet and Christina Mercando’s Ringly, and objects everyone was amazed to discover like the Reebok Checklight Helmet, which senses the location and severity of impact injuries to the head, and Woojer, a portable woofer that connects your body to the beat of music and games for the ultimate experience.

Guests were also fawning over the interactive portion of the exhibit, trying on polarized glasses that hung from the ceiling from which you could see animated projections on otherwise white screens, playing their best roles as classical musicians with the harp chords emanating from one of the casted sculpture’s mouth, or walking to and fro on the hallway that lit up with each step.

The exhibit is a perfect marriage between culture and technology, showing that technology adds value to the way we live our lives, facilitating everything from things like keeping in touch with people to mitigating the lives of people with any type of disability. The displayed objects showed how far we’ve come in wearable technology and the optimism of the past and the present will no doubt weave us into the creation of a more perfect future.

‘Adorned’ is on display at 446 W. 14th St, open to the public 11am-7pm daily, from Dec. 9th-13th

Photos by Andrew Boyle

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