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Casting Call: Staz Lindes by Danny Lane

London born, California raised, Staz Lindes has an unforgettable face. Not only is she a total natural in front of the camera – with her heart shaped face and that pout — but she’s also a badass rock n’ roller. Of course, we love a model with off-camera talent, so we jumped at the chance to chat with the stunner about John Waters, walking for Moschino and writing her own songs.

Where did you grow up?

My first few years were in London, the rest in Santa Monica and Venice, California.

How did your modelling career take off?

One of my first accomplishments was shooting Purple Mag with [Terry Richardson]( http://www.milkmade.com/articles?utf8=✓&search=terry+richardson) when I was 19. The editorial and jobs and adventures just kept getting better after that!

Favorite shoot/project you’ve done?

I have fun on every project! I really love the pictures skate legend and artist Ed Templeton took of me for Junk Magazine. Whenever I get to travel for work it’s so much fun.

What was it like walking for Jeremy Scott in the last Moschino show?

It was a really big adventure for me! I’m not really a walker and I was with some pretty professional girls so I felt pretty nervous, but I’m so happy I did it!

Who is your biggest style influence?

Right now I’ve really been looking for stuff [Debbie Harry]( http://www.milkmade.com/articles?utf8=✓&search=debbie+harry) would have worn with Blondie or anything John Waters or [Bowie]( http://www.milkmade.com/articles/2751-David-Bowie-More-Music-Soon-#.VIh_o4fTabA) would approve of.

What does your typical Friday night look like?

If I’m in LA I’d probably be at a show and if I’m in New York I’m probably just having a bottle of wine at home with my homies.

How long have you been playing guitar and are you interested in making your own music?

I’ve been playing for 10 years and have been writing songs since I was 8. My band’s in LA and we play when I’m out there—it’s all originals.

What’s your biggest accomplishment thus far and what do you still want to do?

Walking for [Moschino]( http://www.milkmade.com/articles/2581-I-Don-t-Speak-Italian-but-I-Do-Speak-Moschino#.VIh_7ofTabA) was probably my biggest accomplishment. I would love to keep traveling to crazy places for work and to work with really nice photographers and creative teams

Staz photographed exclusively for Milk Made by Danny Lane

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