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Study of Pose with Coco Rocha & Steven Sebring

Last night, Milk Gallery played host to a futurist spectacle. Displaying Coco Rocha and photographer Steven Sebring’s interactive exhibition Study of Pose, the night was filled with 360-degree views of the model, and the chance to view 180-degrees of yourself using the 13-camera unit known as the Sebring Revolution.

The supermodel’s first book, Study of Pose is a tool for artists, utilizing breakthroughs in photographic technology. It focuses on the human form, and unveils Sebring’s 100-camera system, which he used to shoot Coco. Sebring explains, “The 100 camera system sits in a geodesic dome in my studio set up as an installation. It’s 100 different cameras that I can tell to do whatever I want. We shot 100,000 photographs in 3 days. The footage from this 100 camera system goes onto my phone immediately.”

This system is Sebring’s very own design and is already being used by cosmetic companies and being installed in fitting rooms. According to Sebring, this camera system is going to change the game within the next year. “It’s the new camera system, I foresee photo studios using these systems because everything’s done with one click.” By being able to shoot 360 degrees all at once, companies will have all the media needed immediately, once you step into the dome Sebring notes, “It’s done. You’ve got your E-com, you’ve got your sizing, you’re mapped, you’ve got your Print Ad campaigns, you’ve got your In-Store, you’ve got your interactive… it’s all done at once!”

Sebring’s new camera system is major, but Coco’s idea behind the whole project is what makes it such an accomplishment and contribution to the arts. On her book, Coco highlights that, “Because I’m a model I’m sure a lot of people think this book is only for models. It’s definitely useful for them, but on the arts side it can be useful as well. If you notice on the walls we have Stikki Peaches a graffiti artist who has used it for reference in his work, then we have David Downtown, a famous fashion illustrator who used it as well. We went to Parson’s the other day and the illustrators were using it there, so it definitely works for the arts as a tool.”

What makes Study of Pose even more charming is that to Coco, “this is also – in a way – my homage to history, to pop culture, and to film. There’s so many references that you mostly likely will look at and think that’s a Michael Jackson reference, or Marilyn Monroe. So it’s kind of my way of thinking about what we have looked at over the years in form and what it has done to our culture and society.”

At first glance, the exhibition appears to be all about the Coco. Guests circled the space as Coco’s fierce gestures were sprawled along the walls. Nigel Barker, Jillian Mercado, and Zana Bayne were noticed among the crowd, examining the ceiling high screen, which televised a towering 360-degree view of the model’s poses. Miniature Coco figurines in all white were incased in glass like vintage army collectibles in battle. Fingers were busy as they perused pages of poses via IPad’s equipped with the Study of Poseapp, providing multi-angled views of the striking fashion muse.

The model’s own eyes widened as she looked across the room, “Being surrounded by me everywhere is kind of weird. I feel very self consuming right now, we’ve been setting it up for 3 days now especially in the back. We put up an entire book, every page has been put on the wall – it’s 40 feet of one book. So it’s very overwhelming seeing myself from every perspective.”

Study of Pose is open till December 22nd at Milk Gallery – 450 W 15th St New York.

Photography by Zlatko Batistich

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