Yoko Ono's One Woman Show at MoMA

Yesterday, the Museum of Modern Art announced that it will be hosting Yoko Ono’s first (official) solo exhibition in May 2015. The exhibition’s title, “Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971,” is perhaps an ironic gesture to Yoko’s 1971 guerrilla exhibition at MoMA, where she advertised and printed catalogues for the “One Woman Show" at Museum of Modern "(F)art." When the public arrived, they found that it was actually an unauthorized, ‘imaginary’ exhibition: a sign outside the entrance to the museum stated that Yoko had released flies on the grounds and that the public was invited to track their flight around the city. Silly Yoko, tricks are for kids!

This time, MoMA will actually host a real Ono exhibition, showcasing a culmination of her work from 1960-1971. Known for her thought-provoking conceptual art and peace activism, MoMA will feature a series of her early works including installations, instruction and performance pieces, as well as her films and audio recordings. With that said, we look forward to May 2015.

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