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Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

The holidays are upon us and that means two things: overeating and overspending…usually on gifts for your loved ones. The holidays aren’t about being frugal but let’s be real, shit happens and sometimes you can’t afford to spend the same amount of $ on everyone, so you gotta pick and choose who gets the better gift. Buying presents is always a complicated process, so instead of having to hurt your head worrying about what to get we’re here to help you out with the first part to our holiday gift guide!

Rapper Holiday cards

We got the perfect gift for that die hard hip-hop fan. SeasandPeas and Instagrandmaw have created a slew of cards to celebrate the holidays with the crew. You got Bobby Shmurda throwing his Santa hat, French Montana waiting under the mistletoe, Flavor Flav reminding you it’s Christmas time, and obviously Drake wishing you a happy Hanukkah. Can’t you imagine unwrapping gifts as your fave rappers watch from atop the fireplace? Now that’s a holiday.

Designer Santa

We know you’ve never seen Santa so fly, rocking envy pieces from Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Kenzo, and more. These cards, created by Joint London, are perfect for that fashion friend who thinks all red everything is kind of passé and would rather see saint Nick rocking something a little less embarrassing and a lot more swag. The best part about these cards? The only payment they need is “a tweet.”

‘Plush’ the coffee table book about pubic hair

For the feminist or just general pube aficionado, artist Marilyn Minter has compiled a book titled Plush, which shows photographs of all the different types of ways that pubes grow. Fun fact: none of the bushes are dyed; it’s all au naturel baby. Minter told the New York Observer, “the idea was to create beautiful images of pubic hair, a subject matter that seems to be disappearing from popular discourse.” The book made its debut at Art Basel, and it’s for sale in Miami. Free the bush, free the nipple, hell, free everything!


Obviously you can’t buy nothing (that’s impossible) but you can buy Nothing for $248. That’s a pretty big price to pay for a block of wood (in black or white), but the intention is actually quite nice: all proceeds go to Oxfam, an international organization that aims at helping poverty. For the friend who has everything…

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of our gift guide!

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