Inside Dan Colen's Cigarette-Littered Art Exhibition

Have you ever observed the wreckage of your studio apartment after a party, overwhelmed by the sludge of beer bottles and cigarette butts encrusted on your floor, and thought to yourself, ‘I can make art from this’? If you have, know that you are not alone. Artist Dan Colen has kicked off the opening of a cavernous new studio/gallery space in New York’s East Village with a litter-centric installation that is…visceral.

The show is titled The L…o…n…g Count, and aside from guests literally tripping over the bottle sculptures and cast aside cigarettes that fill all three floors of the new gallery space, the prominent piece of the exhibition comes in the form of a hyper realistic sculpture of an obliteratedly drunk Scooby Doo. Colen, a gallery artist for the Gagosian, is known for playing with subversive themes in his work. He most recently made headlines with fellow artist Kalup Linzy for a billboard sized image of the pair kissing in the nude that was displayed on the London Bridge.

But the exhibition has been receiving a large amount of exposure for the gallery space itself. Under the supervision of collector Peter Brant, it marks a fresh start for the gargantuan space. All three floors of the building were the previous home and working space of iconic modern artist Walter de Maria, best known for his work with land art, as well as his minimalist execution of highly conceptual themes. It is the first glimpse the public has had into this formerly private space in decades, and it is being inaugurated in a rather interesting, interactive way. For those in the New York area, this show is not to be missed.

The L…o…n…g Count is on display at the former de Maria home at 421 E. 6th St through Sunday, December 21st.

Photo by Shawn Chittle, via EV Grieve

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