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Holiday Gift Guide: Part II

The clock is ticking on your gift shopping time as holiday armageddon reaches ever closer. But fear not dear friends, we have continued to scour the Internet for prized possessions to give to your friends, family, coworker, or random people at a holiday party, ensuring your status as the most creatively inspired gift giver of the season. So without further ado here it is, the sequel to the best gift guide of the year, Milk Made’s Holiday Gift Guide Part II.

Dr. Dre Dreidel

We don’t know about you, but we like our gifts in puns. The Dre Dreidel is for the friend who takes their OG West Coast verses as seriously as their Torah verses, or those who find that Hanukkah parties are nuthin but a G thang. Featuring a spread of the rapper’s faces across its’ wooden sides, this dreidel is the perfect thing to spice up the traditional game. It’s made with such care and attention to detail that you may find this gift to go over just as well among gentiles.

Memes on Clothes

For the social media conscious, this line of apparel is as cleverly self aware and deliciously ironic as it gets. Taking some of the most iconic images of the year, like a squatting Nicki Minaj in Anaconda and Kim Kardashian’s Internet-breaking ass, Memes on Clothes lovingly stitches them into everything from beanies to crew necks to polo shirts. They have bucket hats as well, which we would recommend purchasing in the Pharrell Hat edition, because that’s about as meta as it gets.

Stacey Mark Prints

Nothing says happy holidays quite like a tastefully artistic and humorously off-beat nude print. Stacey Mark, a former Nylon photography director now gone full blown portraitist, has a wide array of nude prints that are overwhelmingly eye catching, and not for the reason you might think. Shrouded in a haze that evokes the vintage models of years gone by, her aesthetic is one at home in both the living room and the office, dependent on the open mindedness of your coworkers that is. These prints are handily available in our very own Milk Gallery store, where you can browse the full selection.

Tom Ford Cross Necklace

Making waves of controversy since its’ release, Tom Ford’s new cross necklace bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain genitalia—we’ll give you two guesses as to what. Made with the impeccable attention to detail that define the Tom Ford brand, this necklace is perfect for the friend who likes to wear their double entendres on their sleeve, or in this case around their neck. You might not want to share this gift with the deeply religious, it puts quite a spin on the whole crucifix thing.

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