Kate Upton & Normcore: Google's Most Searched of 2014

Sad-face time, we all know 2014 is officially over once Google drops it’s annual “A Year In Search” report, cataloging the year’s top search hits. The list can be pretty broad, this year it announced Jennifer Lawrence and Robin Williams as the most searched people, it revealed the five most asked questions about ebola, and donned chia seeds and goji berries as the most searched super foods. Bye-bye kale!

While these facts are awesome and super informative, the folks at wanted a list that was tailored to their interests—fashion models and trends. After all, 2014 was a fashion-studded year, with the breakthrough of supermodel Kendall Jenner,Anna Wintour winning the Outstanding Achievement Award, and the sad death of a beloved Oscar de la Renta.

Unfortunately, none of these folks were dubbed numero uno in the search for fashion trends. According to the list specifically curated for, the two forces in fashion reigning supreme this year are Kate Upton and normcore.

That’s right, we were all fools for thinking it was the year of Kendall Jenner (coming in second), whilst it’s been Kate Upton all along. The voluptuous model/actress has undergone a tremendous transformation this year, going from Sports Illustrated covergirl to subject of the [Anna Wintour Effect]( How could you not get lost in a steamy five-hour search of the modern day Marilyn?

As for normcore, well we still don’t know if anyone truly gets it—which explains it’s high search rate. Coined by K-Hole the NYC trend-forecasting group, the unisex fashion trend is essentially a way of looking basic, yet (disputably) fashionable and effortless. The stye’s original champion happens to be New York funny-man Jerry Seinfeld, the 90’s king of high waisted slacks and trainers.

Brands commonly associated with the style are Levis, Everlane and the [Gap](, whose [“Dress Normal”]( campaign turned out to be a huge dud. The point is for normcore apparel to seem undistinguishable, but it almost always results in being highly stylized. We all know what A.P.C. denim looks like!

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