Tim Burton Announces Beetlejuice 2

It’s show tiiiiime. Gothic auteur and patron saint of the dark and weird Tim Burton has officially announced a sequel to Beetlejuice, the much beloved horror comedy that was the director’s first real masterpiece. It’s the latest piece of news in Hollywood’s never ending quest to sequel-ize our favorite cult classics, but this one sounds almost too good to be true. Burton has confirmed that both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder, stars of the original, will be reprising their roles in the new one.

Well that’s what he said in so many words. In an interview with MTV, Burton answered emphatically to questions about the sequel, responding to questions about Queen Winona’s return with “Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, oh yeah, Yeah, yeah, oh yeah.” Saying he’s excited about the project seems like an understatement, but with the return of Ryder and Keaton, how could he not be?

The original film ends with Ryder’s character, Lydia, happily enjoying life with both her real family and her adopted spirit family, while Keaton’s title hero, the ghost with the most, was stuck in a literal waiting room purgatory, so the plot for a sequel has plenty of wiggle room as to where these characters could have ended up. Will they bring back Alec Baldwin too? Will there be another spiritual possession by way of karaoke scene as good as the Day-O sing-along? We could speculate for days, but no matter how excited you may be, do not under any circumstances say ‘Beetlejuice’ out loud three times. Seriously, don’t.

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